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  • Porch Stencil

    Porch Stencil

    Better late than never right? I’m finally sitting down to share my experience stenciling our porch. It’s been a few weeks and we are still loving it. Before I share my process, I want to share this post from LollyJane that I used for inspiration. When we had our exterior painted, I had the painters… Read more

  • ORC Week 8 – The Big Reveal!

    ORC Week 8 – The Big Reveal!

    It’s finally here! The reveal of our front porch/landscaping project. This project evolved as we went along but I’m so happy with where we ended up. In the future we will tackle more of the landscaping but for now I’m going to enjoy our beautiful space. Before I share the reveal, I want to say… Read more

  • Week 7 – ORC Flower Beds

    Week 7 – ORC Flower Beds

    I can’t believe it’s week 7, which means there is one week left of the One Room Challenge. Before I dive into this week I want to encourage you to head over to the official website to checkout out the amazing projects. So many good ones! I had anticipated this week would be harder than… Read more

  • ORC Week 6 – The One Where Nothing Got Done

    ORC Week 6 – The One Where Nothing Got Done

    Week 6 of the One Room Challenge has wrapped up and I don’t have much to show for it. It was an emotional week for me personally but it did help me realize we need to leave most of the landscaping for phase two. It’s too expensive and we want to plant things that make… Read more

  • My June Goals

    My June Goals

    2021 is flying by! I’m so excited for this month because by the end of it, phase one of our front yard will be complete. As we have been working on the porch, it became obvious we need more time to think about and plan the landscaping. We have a bad habit of planting things… Read more

  • And I’m blogging!

    And I’m blogging!

    I started staying home with my daughter three years ago but it feels like it just started! I had every intention of making a career of staying home with her, (hello influencer!) but time got away from me. Instead I spent my days raising Emmy and being an okay housewife. In 2019 I started a… Read more

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