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  • My Friday Five: Target Haul & Veggie LO Mein

    My Friday Five: Target Haul & Veggie LO Mein

    Sometimes you just don’t have the day or week that you wanted, well that was me this week! I couldn’t quite get it together and just felt a little out of sorts. I’m going to blame it on the pandemic mixed with some PMS and my upcoming 30th birthday. But it was still a good… Read more

  • 2022 Home Goals

    2022 Home Goals

    It has been five wonderful years in this home, which is crazy to me because I am impressed with how far we come but also surprised we haven’t done more! I did not understand how expensive homes can be. Projects that seem minor can be thousands of dollars and DIY isn’t for everyone. I love… Read more

  • Spare Room Reveal – Surprise Makeover

    Spare Room Reveal – Surprise Makeover

    The following post includes affiliate links, I may receive a small commission if you shop these links! I’m back! Not only did I take some time off blogging in December, but I also unintentionally took the first week off of January due to a nasty cold. No covid! But whatever it was, it really knocked… Read more

  • Christmas Gift Guides

    Christmas Gift Guides

    This post includes affiliate links which mean I may make a few cents if you purchase from my links. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving but here we are! Which means it’s almost time for Christmas presents! I try to keep it semi simple every year and I am a die hard in person shopper… Read more

  • Easy Christmas Picture Ornaments

    Easy Christmas Picture Ornaments

    It’s almost time for Christmas to take over our home and I’m so excited! I am saving the decorating for after Thanksgiving but I can still prep and work on gifts. Today, I tackled the easiest ornaments! Finding thoughtful gifts for everyone is sometimes a struggle. So I try to come up with something extra… Read more

  • My Friday Five: The One with The Best Pasta

    My Friday Five: The One with The Best Pasta

    Post includes affiliate links! It’s finally the weekend! From finishing the bathroom floor to a fun day date with Emmy, it’s been a fun week. My last blog details more about the bathroom floor. Make sure you check it out because it’s good! My Friday Five! Lemon Broccoli Pasta: I’ve been making this pasta for… Read more

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