Our Kitchen Reveal – The Budget & Answering Your Questions!

The question I am asked the most about this project is how much it cost, and I have no problem sharing! But before I do that, I do want to encourage you to remember we have waited to do this for almost six years. Also, we are all on our own budgets and plans. To some this will seem outrageous and to others tiny amount. We had been saving to do our kitchen for a long time and were ready to spend about $30,000 on a remodel. Then I received an inheritance when my grandfather passed away, so we were able increase our budget. It is very bittersweet because I would give it all back and more to have my Gramps back.

How much was the remodel?

The final budget came in at $49,948.21. We were expecting to spend $40,000-$50,000 but prepared to go up to $60,000 if needed. Thankfully, instead of having things go wrong we had things go right and did not have fix some electrical and plumbing issues like we thought! Here is a budget breakdown:

  • $46,833.21 to our contractor (broken down below)
  • $150 for knobs and pulls
  • $179 for the microwave
  • $400 for backsplash tile
  • $312 for the insert
  • $2,300 for the refridgerator and dishwasher
  • $474 for the sink
  • $100 for the dining room light(I used a coupon and some return credit)

What we paid our contractor:

Our kitchen was gutted down to the studs for the most part. I trusted our contractor, so we didn’t get a full breakdown, but the initial quote included things like cabinets, demo, paint, labor, electrical, plumbing, and installing the items listed above. This quote was $32,800. We were expecting to spend another $15,000 updating our electrical box and redoing all the pipes in the house. Thankfully, neither of these things were actually needed! So, we used almost all that $15,000 for some extras we really wanted like the dining bench, arch into dining room, can lights, electrical panel update, extra paint projects (hallway and doors), trimming the door and windows, and the garbage door. I believe the biggest chunk of our budget was new custom wood cabinets and then labor expenses.

Answering your questions!

  • Did we finance or pay cash?
    • We paid cash for this project. (we are very grateful!)
  • What is each of your’s favorite parts?
    • Bryan: just seeing our vision realized and completed
    • Morgan: a working dishwasher and pull out trash can
    • E: she said, “I don’t know, I just like it!”
  • Where is your microwave?
    • Hidden in the wall of cabinets by the refrigerator
  • Did you like your contractor?
    • Yes! He was so helpful and always kind. Plus, he and his crew were extra sweet with my daughter and dog. Very reliable.
  • What was your second choice for cabinet color?
    • For Bryan it was navy blue and for me it was pink!
  • How did you determine your contractor was the fit right for you?
    • 1) he was referred by a trusted coworker so that made us feel comfortable. 2) we saw some of his work and it looked like our style. 3) After talking for an hour, we just both had a great feeling about it and the project. 4) He was upfront about costs, and we did not pay the bulk of the payment until the project was completed.
  • Did you keep the same layout?
    • Mostly! We did move the dishwasher and refrigerator but both of those were easy changes. No walls or anything moved!
  • Were you given a drawing of the space to approve?
    • Kind of. We did get a mockup of the cabinets until after demo and it was just the cabinets, it did not include any tile, backsplash, or even the whole room.
  • Are you happy?
    • Yes! We are so happy we did it and it truly feels like us!

If you missed the reveal, check out the reveal here. That’s all for this blog! See you next time!

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