Friday Five & What I Made in March

I just got my check for March from my secondhand booth and thankfully my booth did much better than the last month! Unfortunately, I did not have any brand collaborations last month. But that’s okay! I shared that I am trying to slow down and focus on my routines and role as a stay-at-home mom before anything else. I deserve to live in a healthy space, and I am comfortable slowing down to do that. We all have to do what is right for us!

Before I get into my income, here are five things I want to share with you guys from the past week:

  • most requested links: I have linked five items that my followers have asked for links for. We love each of these pieces in our home. And I appreciate when you shop my links, I receive a small commission when you do!
  • The Hating Game: I’m in love with this book and movie. I linked it from my favorite local bookstore and you can rent it online from Youtube. It’s like a sassy rom com.
  • camp showers: Now that it is warming up, I have started taking more camp showers. I think some people call them military showers. Basically, I get in and get wet and turn off the water. Then I shampoo and turn the water back on to rinse. I repeat these steps with my conditioner, shaving, etc. It helps save a lot of water!
  • capsule wardrobe template: I am working on adding in pieces I love and building a capsule wardrobe. I love this template on Pinterest.
  • chocolate cookie recipe: my friend Carly use to make these in college and I was obsessed. Not sure if this is her exact recipe but it tastes the same to me!

What I Made in March


  • Booth Sales: $327.30
  • IG Sales: $246.35
  • Poshmark: $30.92
  • Total: $604.57


  • Rent: $75
  • Booth Fees: $26.70
  • Shipping: 83.58
  • Thrifting: $163.09
  • Total: $348.37

So, my total profit for March was $256.20. Not great but not terrible! I am working on really figuring out what sells the best for my booth and for my IG sales. I also need to follow my own advice and get my clothes are home listed. Because if it’s not listed, you can’t sell it. And I have a lot I can list on Poshmark!

That’s all! Here’s to a better April!

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