5 Things I’m Changing to Slow Down and Prioritize My Mental Health

Not one but two different therapists have told me my depressive episodes stem from change. Basically, I have a hard time dealing and accepting change and it can cause me to spiral. Which all made sense when they said it, but I didn’t know how to say it to myself. That change can be a breakup (hello HS heartbreak!) to family drama to basically the last two years (war, pandemic, social unrest, family loss, does it end?!). Coupled with my hormone fluctuations throughout the month my moods can get pretty bumpy. Not to mention everyday life stress and trying to build a career as a content creator. All while trying to be the best wife and stay at home mom I can be. And last week was a rough one until I broke down and told a few people that I was struggling. It was almost instant relief!

I am waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if there is a therapist I can see or possibly get some medication, but I did take some time off IG and social media last week to regroup. I also spoke with my mom a lot about what I can do and got her advice. See she has battled depression for a lot of her adult life, so she knows a thing or two about the darkness. (PS shared with her permission!) Looking back and talking things through with her helped me see that I want to create a home environment that isn’t so chaotic and rushed. My role as a stay-at-home mom need to come first! I want to stop bouncing from project to project and to find ways to make my life simpler and slow down. I want to make sure I am putting myself and family first before mindlessly scrolling IG or TikTok.

If you made it this far, thank you! Now here are five things I am doing to slow down and be kind to myself:

1. Decluttering my social media

This is a slow process, but I am working to declutter my Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and everything else. IG has given me so amazing opportunities and I have met the most amazing people, but it also is so easy to waste time on. So, my first step to declutter is to who I follow. So far, I have unfollowed over 50 accounts and am hoping to purge so more. I am also working on muting accounts that I don’t want to see as often; this is especially helpful for those people in your life who you can’t unfollow (family/coworkers/etc.). This will help me reduce the extra “stuff” I am seeing, stop me from unhealthy comparisons, and help me stop wasting time.

2. Decluttering my home

I already declutter a lot, but I still have lots of stuff just because it looks good. Like the rug in my hallway. Cute, but a pain to deal with and causing more frustration than it was worth. So, I sold it! Or my essential oils. I wanted to be a person who used oils, but I only use two for sleep. I had been keeping the rest just in case. Well, it’s been almost two years and I have used the others probably three times, so it was time for them to go! There are lots of decluttering plans on Pinterest if you are looking for one, but I will just be doing a little every day and focusing on the areas I use every day first.

3. Let the light in… literally!

We have huge windows in our living room and there are too many days, I never open the blinds and it feel like we live in a cave. This little act of opening the blinds and curtains first thing in the morning makes a big difference. This also includes opening the windows when the weather permits to let some fresh air in.

4. Not bringing my phone to bed

I have done this off and on for a year and I sleep so much better when I don’t have my phone by me. No more mindless scrolling in bed or checking it in the middle of the night. Which honestly was a sad thing to be doing anyway! So instead of charging my phone by my bed, I leave in charging in the kitchen. I find when I do this, I wake up easier and am more likely to get my day off to a good start!

5. Restarting my routines

Having a routine for my nighttime, mornings, and afternoons, as well as weekly and business routines, made my life so much smoother. Unfortunately sticking to routines takes consistency and I have been slacking. But I am working to make these a priority. Once I find routines that work for me and my family, I will share with you. Sleep is my first priority. Going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early are crucial to my routines working. I do better when I wake up early and get my day started, even though I just want to sleep!

That’s all! I would love to hear from you. What kind do you do to be a little kinder to yourself?

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