How much I made as a Reseller and Content Creator in February

What to call myself? First and foremost, a full time stay at home mom, but when referring to my online business I get a little less confident picking a title. Influencer seems weird, I’m not consistent enough to be a blogger, booth owner doesn’t cover it all, and a million others just don’t quite fit. For now, I am going by reseller and content creator!

I was really hoping I would sell so much at my booth in February that you guys would be blown away. But the universe decided to humble me! The month started out strong with over $100 in sales the first week and then it completely dropped off. I did make a few sales through IG and I had my first paid campaign so it was still a good month! Also, part of my partnerships included gift cards for thrifting. I have decided to deduct this amount from by thrifting total as that is what it was used for. I will explain more when I get o my expenses.

Here’s what I made this month:


  • Booth: $170
  • IG Sales: $155.97
  • Brand Partnership: $200
  • *Gift cards: $150(not included in total)
  • Total: $525.97

*I consider the gift cards payment because I use them for inventory. But they aren’t quite cash, so I decided to just deduct what I thrifted from them and not add it to my totals (hope that makes sense!). Moving forward, I am trying to limit the amount of gift cards I except as payment with the exception of working with Goodwill. Also this list does not include things like gas or my hosting fees for the blog, I am not that strong of a bookkeeper yet!


(I am honestly a little scared to share this but here we go!)

  • Thrifting: $22.63 ($172.63-$150)
  • Shipping: $49.57 (Shipping is huge!)
  • Booth Rent: $75
  • Booth Fees: $17
  • Total: $164.20

My total profit from February was $361.77 Thank goodness for the my brand partnerships, they carried this month. It makes sense I am trying to work on adding more. One of my goals is to open up and grow my income streams. I want to start earning more through affiliate links, ads, selling more on IG/Poshmark, and lastly more partnership.

March Goals and Beyond

For March, I hope to snag at least one more partnership for this month, make 10 sales on Poshmark, and sell at least $400 from my booth. My ultimate goal is to turn this reselling/content creating into a full-time gig for our family. I would love to help ease some of that burden from Bryan and also be the primary parent for Emmy. So, thank you so much for all your love and support. I couldn’t do it without you!

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