Easy Classroom Valentine’s Day Idea

I loved Valentine’s Day when I was in school, exchanging candies and little toys always made me so happy! Now that my daughter is finally in school I’m so excited for her to start the same tradition. It’s preschool so I wanted to do something that was candy free. I have nothing against candy but at school parties they get a lot!

I saw this reel from Grove Collaborative and knew I wanted to reuse some cardboard and have my little one help me paint. Then at the grocery store I saw bubble wands on sale and inspiration hit! (Here’s some I found at Target.) I knew then we would use the cardboard to make little name tags and attach them to the bubble wands. Here’s what we did:

  1. Gather your supplies! You’ll need bubble wands, old cardboard, yarn, paint, and a sharpie.
  2. Next paint the cardboard. You can let your little one have fun with it!
  3. After the paint dries, cut into rectangles, and hole punch the top.
  4. Sign the tags! If I had better handwriting I would have wrote,“ you blow me away” or you can leave it simple like I did!
  5. Tie the tags around the neck of the bubble wand.

And you are done! A super easy and simple Valentine’s Day gift for all the littles in your kid’s class!

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