Emmy’s Room Refresh – Thrifted Finds & Old Favorites

Since my daughter was born almost five years ago, I have rearranged her room countless times. And finally last year I repainted it from a pretty grey to white and pink. Although we loved the colors, the layout was never quite right. I thought I needed smaller furniture since her room was small but that was not the case. I just needed the right size! Here are a few before photos:

What wasn’t working:

Oh how I wanted to love this space last year! But the little desk and cube organizer were just too small. The cube did not offer enough storage for all her toys and the desk just became a dumping ground. And I thought it was genius to store toys under the bed but it was a nightmare. Everything got messy and it was a magnet for dog hair. Not fun.

Changes I made:

When I did Emmy’s room last year, I really wanted this shelf but I didn’t want to pay what it costs. And I always feel a little guilty buying new furniture instead of thrifting! So after Christmas I decided to buy one, but I got lucky and found one for $40 on FB Marketplace! The thrift gods heard my prayers! So I brought this home with me and rearranged the bed so the shelf could serve as a bedside table/extra storage.

So thankful I found this!

Next, I pulled everything out from under her bed. Some was donated, some was trash, and a lot was reorganized into her dresser that I brought back in from the spare room closet. (I move furniture around a lot in this house!) After that was the fun part, decorating! I added a new bedspread I got secondhand from Poshmark, styled the bookcases, and hung her gallery wall. I love styling shelves!

The Reveal!

I’m in love with this bookcase!

The yellow on this quilt is perfect against her pink walls. I thrifted one of the large baskets and one I moved from the living room. When I style shelves I like to use practical items like books, toys, pens, and baskets to corral like things.

I knew I wanted to keep Emmy’s gallery wall and the new spot works even better! I added in a few pieces. Most are from small shops or thrifted. And I am obsessed with this bear basket I got from Home Goods last year.

This vintage book set from my Gramps is perfect in here!

Believe it or not but the dresser is 100% full of toys and dress up clothes. Emmy is definitely one lucky little girl. If you have lots of little pieces to organize check out your local thrift store for baskets and jars to organize it all. And when I’m doing add a plant!

I linked everything I could find(and a few similar items) here! By shopping my links, I may receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!

I hope you love this space as much as we do!

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