Friday Five: A Disco Ball and A New Routine!

Last weekend, my husband and I went on a getaway to Palm Springs for my 30th birthday. It was amazing! I’m planning on doing a blog post with the details of our trip so be on the lookout for that. We spent the rest of the week getting back in a rhythm and now I’m quarantining with my toddler who was exposed at school(life in a pandemic!). Here are five things from my week:

A Major Want!

I came across these disco ball planters on Instagram and I think my living room really needs this. So cute and hung in the right spot will give off the most gorgeous reflections!

A Must Read Blog

Do you have dark cabinets? Or just cabinets in a color you don’t love? Read my friend’s blog post about embracing your dark wood cabinets. So inspiring and a great reminder to make the most of what you have instead of waiting for change.

New Swim Suit

For my birthday, Bryan gifted me a new swimsuit from Albion Fit and I’m obsessed. So comfy and I felt beautiful in it. I love their suits and hope to get another in the future.

Goodbye FlyLady

If you follow me on IG, you know I was testing out a new cleaning method called the FlyLady Method. I found this method through Rosie on TikTok. After watching some of the FlyLady’s videos and watching Rosie’s video on moving in from the FlyLady, I’m ready to do the same. If you are curious why, watch this tiktok. Basically, some of her values aren’t for me and I don’t love how she speaks to her followers. So I’m focusing on making my own routines and following Rosie for more tips and tricks!

My Secondhand Score

While in Palm Springs, Bryan and I did some antique shopping. We got a gift for his mom, a vintage pink military blanket, and Bryan found some new sunglasses. I came across a vintage Dooney & Burke bag and fell in love. Bryan went back and got it for me and I’m so happy with it! According to the shop owner, it had never been used. Which makes sense because it’s PERFECT! It did make me a little sad the original owner never enjoyed it but I definitely will!

That’s all for now! Make sure you check out my most recent reels on IG, I’m having so much fun making them!

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