My Friday Five: Target Haul & Veggie LO Mein

Sometimes you just don’t have the day or week that you wanted, well that was me this week! I couldn’t quite get it together and just felt a little out of sorts. I’m going to blame it on the pandemic mixed with some PMS and my upcoming 30th birthday. But it was still a good week, I got extra time with my daughter since preschool is closed, continued my dinner streak, and got to do a little shopping. If you missed my thrifting haul over on IG, click here.

Here’s five things I’m loving this week:

  1. Easy Veggie LO Mein: I made this last week and it was so good! I used broccoli instead of mushrooms. Definitely adding this into our meal rotation.
  2. Target Finds: Emmy dropped and broke her plate this week. She was inconsolable over it. We couldn’t find the exact one as it was a thrifted find so I took her on a trip to target to let her pick one out and of course I found a few favorites too!
  3. Airbnb Dream: this will be the year we do our kitchen and I found my inspiration! This Charleston Airbnb is adorable. The pink fridge and green cabinets are exactly what we are looking for!
  4. Killer Cocktail: I thrifted this book a few months and just read it last weekend. A quick easy read with an unexpected twist. If you like cheesy books, try this one. I’m looking for the rest in the series now.
  5. Personal Stylist: I’m obsessed with this personal stylist on Tiktok. This year I really want to find my signature look and feel confident in my clothes, so I’m watching her videos for all the tips and tricks.

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