2022 Home Goals

It has been five wonderful years in this home, which is crazy to me because I am impressed with how far we come but also surprised we haven’t done more! I did not understand how expensive homes can be. Projects that seem minor can be thousands of dollars and DIY isn’t for everyone. I love a good DIY but some projects are just out of my current scope. But this is the year, this is the year we truly make this house a completed home!

This year of transformation is inspired by Andie from It’s Me, Andie on YouTube. I watched her and her partner make their home so colorful and beautiful a year ago and I still think about it. If you want to check her out, here is a final walk through of her home. So goodbye unfinished projects and living with spaces that are just okay!

Here is a list of every space that I want to work on:

  • Kitchen/Dining Room! Here’s my Pinterest board with some ideas, hello pink fridge!
  • Finish up living room
  • Emmy’s room
  • Update our bedroom
  • Spare bathroom
  • Landscaping
  • Finish garage(this is a goal but not sure if it will happen)

Not too much right?? In all seriousness this might be too much to do but who knows, maybe with some luck and hard work we can make it happen! Thankfully, not every space on the list needs a full makeover. I cannot wait to get started!

See you next time!

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