Spare Room Reveal – Surprise Makeover

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I’m back! Not only did I take some time off blogging in December, but I also unintentionally took the first week off of January due to a nasty cold. No covid! But whatever it was, it really knocked us out! But I am back and today, I am sharing our spare room reveal. On a whim, I decided to purge the spare room, sell a bunch of random stuff I had been hoarding in there, and get it refreshed. And I am happy to report, it is looking so beautiful!


There wasn’t anything wrong with this room before, except that it was a mess. Also, it wasn’t exactly a space I enjoyed being in. The corner had been housing Emmy’s old desk for a few months, there was a ton of boxes and Christmas supplies just tossed in here, and basically anything else in the house I didn’t want to deal with was shoved in here. It was so bad the closet doors broke off because the closet was overfilled. Unfortunately, I did not take true before photos of the mess but here is a before pictures when it wasn’t cute.

The Plan

First, I purged and organized the room. I removed a dresser from the closet that was encouraging clutter, donated a carload full of stuff, threw away so much trash, and lastly got rid of anything that did not need to be in this space. This is primarily a spare room, but it is also where I store gift wrapping supplies and anything needed for my reselling business. So, I have some merchandise in here as well as supplies for shipping and pricing. This is also where I store my laptop, planner, tripod, and other blogging/IG supplies.

Next, I thought about what I wanted for the space. My sweet friend sold this beautiful rug from target, and I just knew I wanted it in my house. Sadly, she was too far for me to go get it but I was able to find the same one at my local store(yay!). Finding this rug helped me determine what colors I would use for the rest of the space. From there I knew I wanted a space that was peaceful but with COLOR and lots of plants. I shopped my home, Target, and FB Marketplace for everything I needed.

The Reveal!

… and finally, some reveal shots for you!

Isn’t it so much better?? Bryan and I sat in here for an hour just taking it all in. I have attempted to do this space several times and it never felt complete like it does now. Thankfully, I was able to reuse some things from our home like that artwork, lamp, pots, the chair throw pillow, and the hanging basket. I did purchase this gorgeous chair and side table from FB Marketplace. I also brought in a new rug, quilt, shelf, and pillows from Target. Plus, plants, you can never have too many plants! I think the room looks amazing, but my favorite spot is actually the closet. And I have a soft spot for the DIY watercolor art prints I made. Check out this reel to see why!

The closet is my favorite part! I always think it’s a fun unexpected pop to add wallpaper to a closet and adding the gallery wall helped make it feel like part of the room. There really wasn’t enough room in here to keep the doors on. This bed extends to a king bed so when guests are here it was difficult to store things and open the doors, so I took them off! We have a little cube organizer for storage, a laundry basket where I store clean linens when we don’t have guests and dirty when they are here. The top shelf is all for practical storage but the boxes help keep it semi hidden.

When cleaning out this space (and the rest of the house!) I realized I had lots of art and frames that I didn’t have a space for and didn’t want to get rid of. So, I decided to turn it into a gallery wall back here. It took a few tries to get it just right but I love it! I am hoping I can find a few more pieces while thrifting to expand even more. And I am so happy that updating this closet cost less than $20! Just brought in things from around the house and a new hamper.

That’s all for now friends! If you are interested in shopping the items I used, click here. See you Next time!

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