Christmas Gift Guides

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I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving but here we are! Which means it’s almost time for Christmas presents! I try to keep it semi simple every year and I am a die hard in person shopper but sometimes what you need is online. So I wanted to create a few gift guides for you based on my family! So there will be one for the littles(mines 4!), one for women, one for men, and one home guide. The home guide will be mainly favorites that we already own and love!

Before I share the guides, I wanted to share some gift experiences you could give, mani/pedi, concert tickets, zoo membership, gift card for dinner, and so much more. Experiences are some of the best gifts I’ve gotten, like a trip to see the Harry Potter play. So fun! Okay now, lets get into it:

  • Unicorn Suitcase: perfect for little travelers and there’s a few more options
  • Hero Dolls: if you little one has a first responder loved one, these are perfect to celebrate them with
  • You Matter: you can never go wrong with a book, shop my favorite bookstore for all your book needs!
  • Sensory Kit: guaranteed to keep them happy!
  • Snow Globe: shatterproof and adorable
  • Workbench: perfect for little DIYers
  • Lunch Box: adorable box for lunches or snacks on the go
  • Mini mouse: Emmy is obsessed with her little play mouse so I’m hoping to add a second this year
  • Play Crown: and you can add their name!
  • Bath bombs: parents love getting gifts what can be used up! Bath bombs create a fun experience without extra clutter.
  • Basic clothes: no/minimal prints are best!

Hope this gives you some inspiration! Come tell me on Instagram what you got!

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