Easy Christmas Picture Ornaments

It’s almost time for Christmas to take over our home and I’m so excited! I am saving the decorating for after Thanksgiving but I can still prep and work on gifts. Today, I tackled the easiest ornaments!

Finding thoughtful gifts for everyone is sometimes a struggle. So I try to come up with something extra to add. Normally that’s baked goods but this year it’s these ornaments with a pictures of my daughter. I got all the supplies for less than $30 at Walgreens and Michaels! Thank you coupons and a $5 gift card!

Here’s what you’ll need:

These are so easy! Just take the top off the ornaments, add a small snippet of garland inside, roll a picture and insert, put the top back, and add a ribbon. That’s seriously it! What’s tricky is arranging the garland and picture so once you insert it, so use the thermometer/skewer to arrange everything.

That’s all! I have a video on my Instagram with instructions too. I hope you make these this year!

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