ORC Week 6 – Bathroom Floor

After a productive week 4, I decided to skip week 5 because we had my husband’s birthday, a weekend trip, and Halloween so no update last week. Well I think I’m making up for it this week with my floor update!

Above is a beautiful before photo of our tile! Nothing wrong with it, if I was going for a different vibe I absolutely would have kept it. But it wasn’t style. So I decided to use these peel and stick floor panels from Quadrostyle. Let me just say, I’m obsessed!

The Process

So I watched a couple YouTube tutorials and one of Quadrostyle’s site before starting. First thing you are going to want to do it clean your floors. I started with a really good sweep followed my some spot cleaning. Full transparency: I should have cleaned to corners better by the door. But it all worked out.

Next make sure your floors are completely dry and figure out a plan. Practice laying the panels out where you want to start. I got impatient and trimmed a spot early and it through me through a loop. But one I got started it was pretty simple. I’ve seen some diyers remove the baseboards but I decided against it. Just needed to make a few extra cuts. Here is the link to Alexandra Gater’s install video that helped me a lot.

Once I have two full panels done, I started working on the spots by the tub and around the toilet. You can trace out your tricky spot on paper so you know what to cute. That was a huge help for me! Next I did under the sink. Because of the size of the panels, this was the trickiest place. With some trimming and a few failed attempts I got it perfectly in place.

Lastly I caulked all the edges. I remember seeing someone do this on YouTube and it is helpful for two main reasons. One to help seal the edges from water and second to help hide any imperfections. And I think it really worked!

So far, we are in love. At first I wasn’t sure I would like it, but it completely changed the space for the better! The main downside to me is that it wasn’t as cheap as I was expecting and I think you should order more than they recommend. Quadrostyle recommends you order 5% extra but I’m glad I ordered more than that!

Few more things!

In addition to completing the floor, I got a few things on for the bathroom. I went to my favorite zero waste shop, Nudge, for some soap and toilet spray. Next I grabbed some towels and a shower curtain from World Market. At the last minute I switched my towel preferences and I’m not 100% sure. Once the wall color goes up I’ll know for use.

Some bathroom goodies

Lastly, a sweet friend gifted me a beautiful towel hook. It’s a cute fish ring hand towel holder and I think it’s the perfect whimsical touch to this space.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to head to the ORC website to read about all the other wonderful projects. See you next week!

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