Week 7 – ORC Flower Beds

I can’t believe it’s week 7, which means there is one week left of the One Room Challenge. Before I dive into this week I want to encourage you to head over to the official website to checkout out the amazing projects. So many good ones!

The cutest helper!

I had anticipated this week would be harder than it was. In the front of the porch, we have flower beds made from these concrete garden blocks. They were three blocks tall and the same height as the porch. Not my favorite. I don’t love the material and I really did not like the height. I decided to first try taking the first level off the blocks and digging them out before fully removing.

My shiny new wheelbarrow and I became best friends.

Thankfully a neighbor saw me taking the blocks down and hauled them away to work on another project. Win for both of us! This project was straightforward; remove top layer of blocks, dig out excess dirt, and plant. It was just a workout! I’m happy I made them a little shorter. Once it was all dug out and had a nice soak, I brought in some plants. All were found at a local nursery for the front porch beds. If you are local to Sacramento, make sure you check out Green Acres. I also removed some rocks on the little bed next to the larger flower bed and planted some new plants.

I came up with a plan to add some greenery to the front! I purchased the cutest terra cotta pot from Ace Hardware and added a honeysuckle plant. The goal is to train the honeysuckle to grow up the post and kind of frame the front door. I think it will add the perfect pop of green and help off balance how uneven the posts are.

That’s all for week 7! Stay tuned for week 8! I don’t have much left to do except install a mail box, house numbers, add plants, decorate, and give the front a good mow and trim before the reveal. So excited!!

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