My June Goals

2021 is flying by! I’m so excited for this month because by the end of it, phase one of our front yard will be complete. As we have been working on the porch, it became obvious we need more time to think about and plan the landscaping. We have a bad habit of planting things without a plan, which leaves us with a lot of dead plants. So we are slowing down and waiting to plant when it’s cooler and we have a better plan.

So far for June, we don’t have too many plans. A baby shower, visit with family, and lots of projects! Here’s what’s on my June goals:

  • Finish ORC: The front porch still needs paint touch ups, furniture, hardware, plants, and lots of decor. Lookout for a reveal around June 24!
  • Start a workout routine: I use to walk everyday for 3 miles but I got out of the habit. This month it’s time to get back into a rhythm and find a routine that works for me! I might even try a gym again!
  • Get some kitchen quotes: through my painter and a neighbor I have two contractors to call for kitchen quotes and possibly look into an IKEA quote for cabinets.
  • Paint Hallway: in quarantine, I wallpapered the hallway but it’s not working out. Hubby has never loved to and the sides are peeling off. I want to paint and decorate the hallway in June.
  • Have some fun! S’mores, little adventures, games with Emmy, try something new, mini dates with Bryan, and all the summer things. I’m a big believer in romanticizing your life and I want to do more of that every day!
Wallpaper in hallway

That’s all! Let me know some of your June goals and plans in the comments!

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