ORC-Week 4

It’s been an off week but we did get a few things done for the challenge! Starting with the delivery of the some chairs. But… they did not work so I sold them on Facebook Marketplace. They were beautiful but just too bulky for our space. I was able to make my money back and have already ordered another set to try!

With my father in law’s help, I replaced our front porch light. Our previous light worked but just wasn’t our style. I decided to go with a light I found at Home Depot. It’s so much better than our previous light! Next I replaced our front door knob. I was pretty nervous to do it because our previous door knob was broken and I did not want to be without a lock. After a few tries I got it! If you try to install a door knob or basically anything else, read the instructions carefully and lay out all the pieces. It will make it simpler when you get stuck.

Old light

And for the biggest change, I painted the front door pink! The color is Joyful Poppy from Kelly Moore. I’m obsessed with it. Painting the door was pretty easy, I started with removing the door knob and peephole. Next, I wiped down the door. It was recently painted so I didn’t need to clean much. And then I let Emmy do the first few swipes. She loved painting with me! While she napped, I finished up the painting and reinstalled the hardware.

Doesn’t it make you so happy?

And that’s all for this week! Make sure you check out my last three posts to get caught up on my One Room Challenge space. And don’t forget to go to ORC website to check out all the featured designers and quest participants.

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