ORC-Week 3 Paint Time

Ahh it’s week three of the One Room Challenge and we have finally painted our house! We have wanted to do this for over four years and the time was finally right. We were able to this portion guilt free because we saved our stimulus for it. Yay! Before I share the after photos, let go back to last Friday and catch up to now.

On a whim, I bought a raspberry plant at Ace Hardware and decided to work on the space next to our porch. I pulled out weeds, found a lot of ants, planted the raspberries, and removed one of the 13 giant bushes I’d like to remove. Basically, I now know this is probably a job I will hire out! But I was really proud of myself for getting one out. After that, I took the weekend off of ORC work.


Next, we paint! I was a little bummed because I thought they would start painting the first day but there was a lot of prep work that needed to be done. In addition to painting the exterior, we also had our porch painted, some dry rot repaired, and our back shed painted. The total cost was just under $4000. It was 100% worth it. We used BCP Painting out of Sacramento. They were super easy to work with and Hugo helped ease my worried when I needed to pick our colors.


I could not be happier with the colors! We went with Swiss Coffee for the walls and trim and for the concrete we did Plymouth Grey. Both paints are from Kelly Moore. We decided to paint the house one color to hide some of the imperfections and the different materials. I can’t wait to add plants and decor to really make it pop!

Next week, I’m shifting gears to focus on the plants and yard. I’ll still be ordering some things we need like a mailbox but I want to finalize my plans for the flower beds and planters separating our yard from the neighbors. I may also try out stenciling on the front porch but I’m undecided. Does it need it??

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