Mama Staycation Tips & Ideas

Staycations are for more than just mamas but I took one specifically for a break from momming! Basically are you burnt out, ready to snap, and feeling depleted? Then you need a staycation!

My Airbnb ❤️

My husband had been encouraging me for a while to go on a getaway on my own for over a year. After a rough stretch of parenting and living through 2020, I finally booked one! I stayed in a cute little Airbnb in downtown Sacramento. It was a studio with a kitchenette, beautiful bathroom, and comfy bed. Basically all you need!

Tip #1 Prepare, prepare, prepare

Plan ahead! Take a few minutes before you book your trip to decide what you want to do. While browsing Airbnb, I had found a cute little studio nearby so I booked it as soon as I decided I was going. I knew I wanted to pamper myself a little, rest, and eat yummy food. I also wanted to pretend I lived in the city again. So while packing, I grabbed my book, a plethora of at home spa goodies, and comfy clothes. Slippers are a must! I brought my favorite Madewell slippers and bought a new cozy sweatshirt.

Cutest little kitchenette

Tip #2 Take a digital break

On my way over to my studio, I grabbed snacks and a coffee so as soon as I got there I was able to get settled. As soon as my ice cream and soda were put away, I just sat down. No phone or tv, I literally just sat and rested. It was AMAZING. Next, I went on a long walk with no technology and took in the beauty of the city. Just try it!

This dinner was so decadent and satisfying.

Tip 3 Indulge a little

Spoil yourself! Order in yummy food, buy some flowers, use your special foot scrub. Whatever it is that will make you feel good. For me it was yummy food, an at home spa night, and watching a cheesy movie. Don’t waste your time checking emails or FaceTiming your kids, take this time for you! You deserve it. And it’s okay if you feel guilty, acknowledge it and try to move on!

Staycation ideas

  • Book an Airbnb and play tourist in your own city
  • Go to a bed and breakfast
  • Housesit for a friend
  • Get a hotel and wake up early for a 5k(if fitness is your thing)
  • Only got a few hours? Try booking a yoga class and drinking coffee after at a park
  • Bonus! Hire a cleaning service to take care of your house while your away
  • Don’t have anyone to babysit, try swapping with a friend for a few hours or setting aside a night for yourself once the kids sleep.

That’s all! For any tips, leave them below in the comments!

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